Rutheology Conversations PTY is a Company that is established to render Inspirational talks, Re-treats, Counselling, Facilitation of Educational and Wellness programs to Corporate Institutions/Organisations and Government Departments.

The Organisation operates at the Corporate Institutions/Organisations and Government Departments interested in the development, empowerment and capacity building of breaking Communication Barriers and Wellness Programs that will result in better working environment.

My Vision

My Mission

A life without Abuse and Trauma

Through Facilitation and Conversations or dialogue engagements with Males and Females beings of all ages that have been abused or traumatised; the rejected and bullied, stressed and depressed; in the form of Events, Functions, Celebrations and Ceremonies.


Unpacking the Barriers of communication – Describe the problem situation – what does it comprise of, addressing possible causes of the problem or situation, and discussing ways to overcome the challenge of situation.

Assist the workers to achieve better outcomes with less stress, that may have been caused by their past traumatic experiences, presently affecting their work production. Challenges that we come through in our daily social life or with our families can affect us deeply at work if not addressed or dealt with properly.

Develop practical skills for leading and encouraging workers in different levels and departments.

To clarify and assist all teams to fully understand their role, ensuring that each participant/team member has achieved the objectives.  

Facilitate activities and appropriately linking objectives and materials to participants’ ideas, insights and experience.    

To effectively deal with problem behaviours which may be caused by different factors of life, in the workplace of homes.

Assist the staff to recognize and deal with potential problems before they interfere in their performance at work and each other’s workspace.

To assist the Managers, use a variety of reinforcement techniques to encourage desirable contributions and neutralize undesirable responses and positive verbal reinforcement, reinforcement techniques for neutralizing problem behaviours without confrontation.  

Teaching or Leading through Facilitation will demonstrate the ability to effectively introduce new course or team activities by: 

  • linking the activity to the work situation and to course objectives sothat the staff can  adjust well with new activities. 
  • stimulating interest and motivation in the upcoming activity before to introduce a new   activity.  


Facilitation, Workshops, Seminars and Conferences, Team Building Events, Career Events, Executive Retreats, Incentive Programs, Functions and Business / Corporate Dinners.

Who is Ruth Munaka Mutsila

I had to go through hardships, personal and work-related challenges, rejection, disappointments, pain and I endured a lot of struggles in life to be a strong, empowered and knowledgeable woman.

I have been gang raped, physically, verbally and emotionally abused. I was demoted, became broke, I had my car repossessed at work, I grieved the loss of my loved ones and I was in and out of hospital due to stress and depression.


I was raped at a very tender age and that was unconsciously blocked in my mind for years. I never used to have problems till 2013 where i vividly remembered everything as it happened. 2014 it got worse, I remember one day in class this lecture was talking about rape and all and that’s when it hit me hard. I cried and told her what was going. Cutting the long story short, two lectures referred me to Ruth and she helped me to open up and face all the fears I had. One important thing I got from her words was learning to forgive as you not doing it for the other person but yourself. Today I talk about the incident to my friends and it doesn’t bother me anymore. Sometimes talking to someone who really understand what you went through helps a lot. So, I encourage all women out there to speak out because help is available.

I was in love with this guy & really love him. We almost spend four to five years together, not knowing that he never feels the same about me. After breakup, I didn’t know what to do, going through breakup is very difficult, emotional & stressful. I thought maybe I can’t live without him. I was depressed and lonely. Until I meet this lovely women Ruth. When she shares her story with us as a youth, is when I feel that, what am going through is nothing because they are people who are going through a lot in this life. Talking to someone who understand what you’re going through it helps. What I learn from her is that, Forgiveness is the best way to move on. There’s life after everything we are going thought, if we don’t give-up

Growing up with separated parents was not an easy path for me. I used to feel empty within, giving up to life every now and then. I did not have a relationship with my mother and that made me feel that she hates me…2015 I met Ruth at church, she used to talk to me more like she could see through me, that something was missing in my life…2017 She then invited me to come and talk to her that is where the Rutheology conversation counselling started..

It was more like a mother to son conversation ,I was more comfortable to talk to her than anyone else …she made me realise that I am a loving person who only just need to forgive my past…I did not have a relationship with my mother and that made me feel like my mother hates me. Rutheology conversations made me realise that my mother loved me; she just did not know how to live better with me. With no time I started to learn to communicate better with my mother and we grew to have a good relationship that a mother and son should have…I am uplifted and living my young life to the fullest all thanks to Rutheology conversations

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